Aviation Isn’t Perfect

Let me rephrase – Aviation isn’t always perfect. Yes your read that correctly. This coming from a guy that absolutely loves everything about aviation but i reiterate it isn’t always perfect. What do I mean by that? Not everyone loves flying as much as most of us pilots do and with that comes certain challenges when it comes to flying with passengers. Most people’s experience … Continue reading Aviation Isn’t Perfect

The 405

405. It’s a lousy credit score, an amazing batting average and a busy California freeway. Last night, it was our flight number. I’m Christopher Rocha, a husband, father and an Airbus 320 Captain with Jet Blue Airways based in Boston, Massachusetts. As co-founder of On The Upwind Flying Club’s blog, I will attempt to bring you the airline pilot’s side of the aviation business. I must … Continue reading The 405

Pilots Turn Potential Disaster into Safe Emergency Landing

“A recreational flight for two pilots almost turned into their last, as they’re small plane began having major engine issues high up in the air. The pilots showed extreme calm in this frightening situation, and it’s a nice reminder that the people controlling these planes are really good at what they do.” – Right This Minute Continue reading Pilots Turn Potential Disaster into Safe Emergency Landing