Juan Concheiro (left) and Christopher Rocha (right) at the purchase of their first aircraft. N739FQ a Cessna 172 Skyhawk

On The Upwind, LLC was formed in June of 2015 by two long time friends, Christopher Rocha, a current Captain for JetBlue with over 15 years and 10,000 logged hours of flight experience and Juan Concheiro, a Commercial Pilot and entrepreneur with over 11 years of business management experience. Their vision was to create a community of like minded pilots where they can hang out and talk shop about flying.  Juan wanted to surround himself in a training facility where he would be around other pilots with real world experience! They are based in Tampa, Florida with Superior Aviation Gateway. Come on by, check us out, and take a discovery flight! 

Do you want to meet local pilots in your area?
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Board Members

Juan Concheiro – President – KVDF
Kenny Philippus – Vice-President – KVDF
Brian Nussbuam – Treasurer – KVDF
Christopher Rocha – Airline Liaison – KJFK
Michelle Rash – CFI Coordinator – KVDF
Marvin Harrigan  – CFI Coordinator – KVDF
Aaron Accord – Social Media Coordinator – KPCM
Kyle Snodgrass – New Member Coordinator – KPIE
Wolman Pacheco (CFI) – Events Coordinator – KVDF

Open – Secretary


Will Smith – KVDF
Chad Kotajarvi – KVDF
Daniel Richardson – KVDF – Currently Deployed – USAF
Dan Adams – KVDF
Glenda Tomlinson – KVNC
Diane Abela – KVDF
Jim O’Dell – X05
Audrey Baxcajay – KLAL
Eric Franz – KVDF
Jamie Beckett – KBOW
Bill Fehring – KVDF
Brian Cross -KVDF
Osi Aniakudo – KVDF
Greg Greene – KVDF
Joe Harris – KSRQ
LeRoy Vanek – KVDF
Michael Mobley – KVDF
Josh Anderson – KPCM
Jim Dean – KVDF
Stacey Orellana – KLAL

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4 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Hey!!
    I was watching News13, and would like to know what you’re offering as far as volunteering to fly to help!
    I’m a ATP, CFI, CFII,MEI haha, all that jazz,
    If there is anything I can do or any way to help. Let me know!


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